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To "Mother"
 Notes from the Pastor's Study
The Rev. Dr. Lillian Daniel, Senior Minister

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, when I like to focus on "mother" as a verb, rather than a noun. Not everyone is a “mother" as a noun, but everyone can have the qualities of a good mother. Similarly, not everyone gets a "good mother," as in the noun, but everyone can receive good mothering, as in the verb.

A lot of what good mothers do is to translate. They tell children, “Use your words!” They help siblings to understand each other. They interpret the world of adults into games that a child can understand. They reflect back what a child’s words sounded like, maybe helping them learn to say it differently the next time. The Holy Spirit is the mother of us all, translating constantly, in the hope that her children will learn to love, live and laugh.

This Sunday we get to say a big thank you to Cory Kramschuster, who has been our Youth Director for the last two years while he has been a student at the University of Dubuque. Next week, Cory and Abby are taking off for mission work for the summer. They’ll be back at church in August, but Cory will not be on staff. Instead, he’ll be focusing on his career in aviation and getting to worship with all of you . We’ve been blessed by Cory as our Youth Director and you’ll get a chance to say thank you in person this Sunday at both services.



Job Announcement


musicministryiconsmallOur church is currently receiving applications for the position of Organist/Director of Music Ministry, to begin June 1, 2016. Please review the job description posted here. Qualified candidates are encouraged to apply before the end of March, when applications will be reviewed. We regard this position as highly important to our church's ministry and have a heritage of strong support for our music program.

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